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About Us

Our Story

Big-firm expertise with boutique service

Core Wealth opened it’s doors in 2008 after founders Kevin French and Stephen Cole left large financial firms with the goal of offering clients support and protection during trying times. They knew that getting their clients through the tough times would mean that, together, they could flourish in the future.

Core Wealth was built on long-term relationships, recommendations and word of mouth, not through paid advertising, taking short cuts or working for incentives. These traditional values have stood us in good stead and, combined with our innovative approach to technology and our unique investment research capabilities, make us one of the leading wealth managers in the industry.

At the end of the day, we know that the only thing our clients want is a wealth manager who is trustworthy and fighting in their corner. This is what we aim to be. Our mission is to help you protect, organise and grow your wealth – by putting you at the core.

Our Approach

Our approach starts with you

We answer only to you, and we want your wealth to grow, so that we can grow with you. In seeking to first understand your needs, it is our priority to create financial strategies to protect, organise and grow your wealth.


You from confusing advertising, complicated products and bad decisions. Your wealth from risk, unnecessary taxes and high fees. Your family and belongings from accidents, with medical aid and insurance cover that meet your needs.


Consolidate your investments by taking the hassle out of investing and ensuring you aren’t paying unnecessary fees. Reduce your tax bill by structuring your investments to avoid unnecessary taxes. Balance your risk by optimising your asset allocation based on your risk profile and investment goals.


Your wealth by helping you invest and grow in the most appropriate way, at the fairest cost.

Our Investment philosophy

Applied to our process

As a steward of our clients' capital, Core Wealth aims to consistently and prudently construct and manage independently researched, long-term focused, valuation driven, diversified portfolios. Our singular purpose is to help our clients achieve their investment objective in a risk-efficient manner.

Our systems and technology allow for continuous scanning of global investment opportunities - including over 350 000 securities across funds, ETFs and shares. The ability to measure these against competing opportunities adds context, and helps to separate attractive investments from potential losers.

We work hard to filter out the noise that doesn’t help inform our decision making, so that we can focus on the fundamentals that drive long-term returns.